The conveniences that surround us and the hectic lifestyles we lead in today’s modern world, make it hard for us to appreciate the small, pleasant moments in our lives.


Whether for cleaning, laundry care or in the kitchen, our high-quality products and system solutions – thanks to their high level of functionality, their good design and extraordinary standard.


Hailo has dedicated to making work easier and safer for trade and industry professionals and DIY enthusiasts ever since it was founded in 1947.


Improving consumer’s everyday life through the creation of innovative and reliable products, the company has continually been able to meet the rising expectations of consumers both domestically and internationally.


By forging a strong partnership with high-end department stores and establishing the sales link to all major departmental store, DIY and speciality shops in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.


With the constant evolution of products and consumers’ expectations, the company had since revamped, with focus on e-commerce so as to cater for the continuous increase in product varieties and consumer’s instant gratifications.

Brand Management

Modern Link has managed to surpass stiff competition over the years and expanded its product line and was granted distributing rights to sought-after pedigree brands such as Hurom, Leifheit, Soehnle, Rayen, Mery, and more.