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At Modern Link, we are passionate about bringing in fresh, unique brands and growing them into A-list brands in Singapore. Over the years, we have expanded our product line by fighting off stiff competition to gain the distribution rights for highly sought-after brands from all over the globe.

Our Brands

Tell Your Brand’s Story & Build Your Brand’s Success with Us

With our integrated brand-building process that have been tried-and-tested time and again.

1. Branding & Marketing

With years of experience in the home appliance market in Singapore, we have developed a deep and matured understanding of our market that enable us to develop effective branding and marketing messages that resonate with the market.

Coupled with our strong network of in-house and external marketing agencies, Modern Link ensures that our brand’s messages penetrates far into the digital advertising space and reach your potential audiences.

1a Brand Conceptualisation

TATAY slogan: transforming clutter into spaces of serenity &  inspiration

Brand Conceptualisation

Developing targeted branding messages that resonate well with specific local  audiences for more effective brand reach and penetration

HyperFocal: 0

Recipe content shoot for Hurom

Brand Content Creation

Creation of branded content ranging from videos, lifestyle shoots, digital banners,  web articles, and more to drive brand engagement


Modern Link is equipped with a dedicated marketing team to conduct ad buys

Digital Ad Buy

Purchase of digital ad space from Facebook, Google, Youtube, programmatic, etc.  to drive traffic to brand e-commerce landing pages

1b Brand Campaigns

Event display booth for E-Cloth at Hyundai’s Avante Car Club  annual event

Brand Campaigns

Conducting marketing campaigns such as giveaways, events, and influencer collaborations to increase brand exposure

2. Retail

With over 12 years of experience in the retail market, we have established solid sales links throughout Singapore by forging strong partnerships with all major departmental, consumer electronics, DIY and specialty stores. As such, we are able to secure retail spaces for our brands easily and give them maximum visibility on the retail shelves.

3. Distribution

Our rich expertise and resources in warehousing, shipping and delivery services combined with our vast and deep networks with overseas suppliers and brick-and mortar retail storefronts enable us to help new & exciting brands enter the Singapore market with speed and rigour.

4. E-Commerce

With strong partnerships built with our e-commerce partners and 35 online brand stores and counting, Modern Link is more than experienced in handling your brand’s e-commerce store management for hyper-growth.

5. After-Sales Service

With our team of customer support representatives, technicians, as well as a dedicated service center, Modern Link is more than capable of providing a whole range of after-sales support service for our brands, including refund requests, returns and exchanges, as well as repair services.