Digitalising Our Brands For Hypergrowth







In recent years, Modern Link has digitalised its business model by establishing itself as a reputable player in the e-commerce scene. With strong partnerships built with our e-commerce partners and 35 online brand stores and counting, Modern Link is more than experienced in handling your brand’s e-commerce store management for hyper-growth.

Our Partners

Our Process

At Modern Link, we take a systematic process to ensure that we take calculated and strategic steps to develop our brands into full-fledge e-commerce stores.

1. Store Set Up

Having built strong relationship with our e-commerce partners, Modern Link is able to negotiate for favourable terms for opening new brand stores. Once approved, our team works tirelessly to list in the brand’s SKUs, formulate the store’s branding, and carry out the design work of the brand store.

2. Marketing & Traffic

Once the brand store has been set up, our team would then set up marketing channels across a variety of digital platforms ranging from social media advertising space to in-app marketing platforms to drive a steady flow of sustained traffic into the stores.

3. Store Maintenance

Modern Link handles the fulfilment of all our brand stores’ orders in-house, ensuring all orders are delivered to our customers promptly and punctually. Our team also actively work with e-commerce platforms to take part in sales events, as well as keeping the store up-to-date with fresh designs, product listing updates and more.